The CHiX CHAiN... A Football First Down Measuring Device

For Use By Professional, College, Highschool And Other Organized Football Programs

The method of determining if a`first down' has or has not been made, can now be
accomplished in a quicker and more accurate manner, than the present method.

Introducing the CHiX CHAiN, a light weight measuring device that brings simplicity
to the art of measuring.

The CHiX CHAiN will allow for the `first-down or not' measurement to be made without bringing the presently
cumbersome sideline poles and 30 foot of attached chain, out onto the field of play. Only after a first down is
made is the sideline chain moved.

Measurements are taken from the nose of the football, to the closest line, that extends sideline to sideline, whether
in the offensive or defensive direction.


Setting the chain using the leading sideline marker pole


Details of setting the Chix Chain along the sideline.

After setting the sideline poles in position, the Chix Chain is then set. Place the Bar of the Chix Chain against the leading edge of the sideline pole and pull the chain, of the Chix Chain, taut in the direction of the closest line that extends from sideline to sideline. This may be in either the offensive or defensive direction. Next, place the Marker Clip on the Chix Chain where the closest yard line intersects the Sideline. Note: As the yardlines are fairly thick, it is best to place the 'Marker Clip' at the edge of the yard line which is closest to the ball.

Making an on field measurement

When it becomes necessary to determine if a first down has been made, the Chix Chain is brought out onto the field for the measurement. The Marker Clip is positioned on the same edge of the yardline as it was when it was set. The handle is then pulled taut and placed near the football. If the football touches the bar of the Chix Chain or is in advance of it, then a first down has been made and the sideline chain set is moved to the new position. The Chix Chain is again set and ready for the new measurement.

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